Get Insurance for Your Rottweiler Today

Are you the proud owner of a Rottweiler? If you are, congratulations! You must be over the moon. Rottweilers are such beautiful dogs and it’s an absolute boon to own one and get to interact with it on a daily basis.

Rottweilers are incredibly loyal – there’s a reason why they occupy such an important role in society, working as police dogs on a regular basis – and have made a rich contribution to the tapestry of human history. It’s a little-known fact that Rottweilers have a long history as military dogs and marched with the Roman armies into Germany in ancient times. It was the Germans who gave Rottweilers a variation on what would become their modern name: they named them “Das Rote Wil,” which can roughly be translated as “the red tile” as a reference to the Roman baths with their red-tiled villas that used to dot Southern Germany.

Why You Desperately Need to Get Insurance for Your Rottweiler Today

If Rottweilers are so loyal and occupy such an important historical position in the military and among the police force, you might be wondering why it’s so urgent that you get Rottweiler pet insurance. While it is absolutely true that Rottweilers are generally very calm and loving dogs, particularly toward the families they come to live with and integrate themselves into, they’re also a very bold and fearless breed and, as you can imagine, with boldness and bravery comes a certain level of recklessness.

Rottweilers, more so than other dogs, are likely to end up in tricky situations where there’s a very real sense of risk to their bodily safety. These situations include fights with other dogs or injuries sustained from moving too quickly through the built environment such as getting hit by a car or trapped in a mesh-wire fence, for instance.

Imagine your beautiful Rottweiler limping home, his or her gorgeous eyes dripping with sadness due to an injury that’s been sustained in the course of a day of frolicking. On some lucky occasions, you will of course be able to treat the injuries sustained at home, patching up your lovely and loyal best friend yourself and giving him or her lots of much-needed care and attention in the process of doing so. On other not-so-lucky occasions, however, your Rottweiler might be in need of a visit to a veterinary physician.


Veterinary physicians are doctors who specialise in treating disease, disorder, or injury in animals and so, if whatever is ailing your incredible pet is fixable, your vet is guaranteed to be able to solve the problem. Unfortunately, since veterinary medicine is a very difficult and expensive area of study to undertake and complete, these physicians often charge fees that can seem exorbitantly high to the average person.

This is where insurance comes in. If you’ve done the smart thing and insured your Rottweiler, these vets’ fees won’t have to come out of your own pocket and will instead be covered by the insurer. This means that your beloved pet gets the best level of care and you don’t become destitute.