Short Term Easy Loan is the best Option for People with Bad Credit

Applying for loan can be due to various things, either a mortgage loan or to buy an iPhone. The process of getting a loan sanctioned from a bank is quite lengthy. You fill up the form then it is submitted to the loan counter. They further verify all your documents and credit score to check your eligibility. By chance, if your credit score is bad then, your loan gets disapproved also it spoils your credit history further.

That is why there are lenders who provide easy cash online without checking credit score. They understand that there has to be a reason for requesting a loan even when the person has bad credit history. To make that person’s life easier, they vouch to pay desired amount. One such company that fulfills the desire is Captain Cash.

It is a Canadian company that provides loan the same day if it gets sanctioned by 2pm EST. You can either apply online or by phone, each way, the procedure remains the same.

Here are the criteria that help you in getting the loan from this company –

  • Canadian resident
  • Above the age of 18 years
  • Salary more than $1200
  • Should be employed for the last 3 months
  • Should have an account in Canadian bank because that’s where they will deposit the money.
  • Shouldn’t be in a situation of filing for bankruptcy
  • Have limited non sufficient funds transactions

Here’s how instant cash policy works –

  • When the urgency of loan arises, and you can’t wait for the banks lengthy procedure then, you approach online lenders which provide pay day loans.
  • Depending upon your requirements you submit the form and email the required documents.
  • Once they receive the documents they go through all the information and if loan is approved, they will email or fax you a contract to sign.
  • This contract will consist the loan term, interest rate and instalment amount and other terms and conditions as well.
  • After reading it properly, you need to sign the contract and resend it.
  • Once they receive your contract the money is send to your bank account instantly.

Remember, every fast loan company has its own cut off time so it depends how quickly you would get cash. People with terrible credit score can also submit an application for this loan. However, one should also know that they will have to compromise on other things when their lender is not checking their credit score. The compromise is on the higher interest rate.

If you are in a monetary crisis and need money urgently, then you can check for this pay day loans that are easy and quick and give you a sense of relief during emergency.