Important things to remember when you get water damage inside your house

We often experience erratic changes in weather due to climate change and that includes a series of heavy downpour which can cause damage to many properties and affect our daily lives. Excessive water can also cause us major headaches especially if it starts to damage our properties through flooding. Fixing the damage would cost a lot of money, time and effort as well.

If you experience the worst flooding inside your house, whether from weather disturbances or internal leakage, you should be able to do the following things to avoid getting more damage.

Turn off the main switch or the power source-For safety purposes we have to make sure that we don’t have any running electrical current that may cause accidents. Once the main switch has been turned off, then that is the time when you can start unplugging all appliances. Always remember that electricity and water are a very lethal combination and can cause electrical shocks that can lead to extensive cell damage and even death.

Look for the source of the flood or leak – If the flooding is being caused by a water pipe make, sure to turn off the main valve to stop the water from continuously flooding your place. Report the incident to the water company so they can send someone to fix the pipes ASAP or you can contact reputable plumbing services to do the job.

Call your insurance provider to have your claims processed – If your house was damaged by water it is very important that you get in touch with your insurance provider so they could send someone to assess the actual damage. Do not forget to take pictures and secure documentation as needed. You, and the insurance adjuster are expected to work together in this before deciding on a contractor that will work on fixing all the damages caused by the flood.

Remove all the water inside your house – The more time that your house is submerged in water, the bigger is the damage. Flood can cause mold to aggressively build up and in some cases, rat and termite infestation may happen as well. Carpets and walls need to be cleaned and dried out thoroughly because your house will smell damp if you just leave it to dry on its own. You can also use a typical wet and dry vacuum cleaner to remove excess water. But if the damage is quite severe then you need to call a professional cleaning service to help you get things in order the soonest time possible. It may cost you extra money, but remember that they have people that are well trained to do the job efficiently.

Secure all valuables – Important documents and other things such as jewelry, cash and gadgets need to be placed in a safe place at all times. You can put them in a waterproof bag so that whatever happens, all your important stuff is safe and free from flood damage. Some documents are very hard to secure or to replace in case they get damaged or lost, so it is better to secure them.